Poem of the week - A Little House

This weeks poem is slightly longer, but reciting poetry has so many benefits.  As well as early steps to reading, it helps children learn new words.  Keep practising the actions as you say the words.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

  • We're Going On a Bear Hunt, is one of our favourite stories.
  • Join in with it as we read it.
  • Use it to inspire a game outside.
  • Talk about how the characters might be feeling at different points of the story.

Bucket Time

  • We use Bucket Time to grab children's attention.
  • Once we have their attention we can do another activity, which they need to listen or wait for a turn.
  • This is key to developing their speaking and listening skills.

Incy Wincy Spider

  • Just like poems nursery rhymes are key to supporting children to learn new words.
  • They help them to tune into rhyming words.
  • They are an early step for learning to read.

The Goldilocks Rap

  • A new way to listen to the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' - have fun!
  • Can you join in with it?

Longer and Shorter

  • Playdough Recipe - January 2021
  • Make some playdough, then play with it with your child.  Be playful with them, rather than asking lots of questions.
  • Comment on what your child does, modelling key language (long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest).  For example, "My snake is longer than yours."
  • Have fun!

How to Make a Stick Puppet

  • This year we have made stick puppets for a few different stories.  The children have really enjoyed it.
  • It develops their fine motor skills they need to write and cut things.
  • It helps them to retell their chosen story.

Animal Sounds

  • Guessing which animal is making the sound, encourages children to listen carefully.
  • Making animal sounds is often some of the first 'words' young children say.
  • This activity supports early reading sounds, as before we can hear the sounds of letters in words (phonics) we need to be able to identify the sounds around us.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

  • Enjoy sharing this story with you child, talk through your favourite part with each other.
  • Draw a picture from the story.
  • At home, share and read other stories with your child.

Popcorn Poem

  • Learning poems help children develop an ear for language and is an early step in learning to read.
  • Explain any new vocabulary to your child, for example, sizzling, the hissing sound when you fry something.
  • Hand actions help children to develop new language and understanding.

The Three Bears - Measures

  • Set up a picnic for some toys at home, be playful with them, rather than asking lots of questions.
  • Comment on what your child does, modelling key language (big, small, medium-sized).  For example, "You gave the biggest bowel to the biggest doll."
  • Have fun!