At Tunstall, we believe that each person is unique in terms of abilities, needs, culture, beliefs, attitudes, language, relationships and experience.  We respect and value these and recognise that we are learners throughout our lifetime.  We aim to develop competent, confident learners who achieve well.  To realise this aim we work in a supportive partnership with parents/carers.

After settling happily and securely into this learning environment, parents/carers and children can continue to develop:

  • lively and enquiring minds and the ability to think for themselves
  • the ability to work/play on own or with others and be able to co-operate
  • a sense of self-esteem and self-confidence with an awareness and respect for the needs of others
  • the concepts, attitudes, skills and knowledge they will need through their lives in order to achieve their own potential and make a full contribution to society
  • an awareness of and respect for the variety of cultures, customs and religions
  • the ability to communicate effectively and creatively with different people in different settings
  • qualities of sensitivity and imagination